2018 San Diego 50 Miler – Week 8

2018 San Diego 50 Miler - Week 8 Infographic

2018 San Diego 50 Miler – Week 8 Infographic

It was the second week of my taper for the San Diego 50 Miler.  I felt a bit under-trained from so many easy and rest days, but told myself it was a sign that my body was recovering.

Training Schedule
January 6th – January 13th

Sunday: Easy Run. 5 miles.
Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: VO2Max Run.  6 miles.  3-5 x 2 min. w/1 min. recovery.
Wednesday: Easy Run. 3-5 miles.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: Easy Run + Speed. 3 miles w/4x100m strides.
Saturday: San Diego 50 Miler.

Mileage Total: ~15-19 Miles.

Notes.  I followed the schedule but didn’t do particularly well with paces.  Sunday’s run was on the treadmill and Tuesday’s interval session was on slick asphalt.  I ran better on Wednesday and Friday in San Diego.

Goal.  Complete the San Diego 50 Miler!  Outcome: My race report might take a while, but I’ll post an update on Twitter today.

Workout Details

Easy Run. 5 miles [Log Details].

Gold's Gym Treadmill

Gold’s Gym Treadmill

It was around 20 degrees in the morning and sunny.  But since I had just recovered from a cold and I wanted to try a different race day shirt, I retreated to the treadmill again.  I set the machine to 6.0, which was 10 minute mile pace.  I felt a little silly wearing my Camelbak indoors but told myself this isn’t the weirdest thing these people have seen.  The shirt didn’t feel too warm and my shoulders didn’t chaff from the straps like they did in my tank top, so I thought the combination could work.

Overall pace=9:54

VO2Max Run 4-6 miles.  3-5 x 2 min. w/1 min. recovery [Log Details].

Slick W&OD Trail - 01092018

Slick W&OD Trail – 01092018

I knew I needed to get off the treadmill and get my legs used to their natural gait again, so I ventured outside.  The sidewalks were slick so I had to watch my footing on the way to the W&OD Trail.  In fact, I kept seeing skid marks in the frost from where people had slipped.  I thought the asphalt might be better but it was still slippery.  I thought, “You can’t risk slipping this close to your goal race.”  So, I ran hard but not as fast as I might have in better conditions.  The first couple of repetitins were tentative but as the sun rose, I felt a little more confident and opened up my stride a little.  On the cooldown home, I stuck to the sunny side of the street but it didn’t seem as though there was more traction.

Splits=7:42, 8:00, 7:25, 7:25, 8:00.  Average=7:42.

Easy Run. 3-5 miles [Log Details].

I didn’t have time to squeeze in a run before I had to leave for the airport.  After my plane landed in San Diego, I got my rental car, checked into my hotel, changed clothes, and drove to La Jolla Cove to get in a quick run.

I ran an out-and-back along the coast.  I just missed the sunset but still enjoyed the view of the waves crashing on the beach and the smell of salt water.  My pace was good for an easy run but the muscles in my legs felt tight and stiff.

Waves off La Jolla Cove - 011020180

Waves off La Jolla Cove – 011020180

At one point, I heard weird noises and realized it was seals!  (For those of you who listen to “This American Life”, there’s an episode on the seals that live in this area).  I stole a peek at them and then wrapped up the run.  It was a long day!

Overall pace=9:11.

Easy Run + Speed. 3 miles w/4x100m strides [Log Details].

Pre-Run in Tierrasanta - 01122018

Pre-Run in Tierrasanta – 01122018

For inspiration, I thought I would go to my high school and run part of the route my P.E and track coach had us run once a year.  In my mind, this road was long and hilly.  But running it today, more than 25 years later, it was nothing!  My pace was a a little fast for an “easy” run, but I chalked it up to pre-race excitement and being back in my old neighborhood.

Overall pace=8:35.


Illnesses. I recovered from the cold I had last week but had some residual nasal congestion through Wednesday.

Injuries.  The taper has done its job and, going into the race, the only pain I’ve had was in my lower calves.  I think all the treadmill running in my trail shoes, which have a lower heel drop, aggravated the muscles in my lower legs.  I thought the aches would go away with time but in retrospect, I should have done more about it.

Sleep.  I didn’t sleep well Tuesday night before my trip to San Diego, but it’s been fine since I arrived.


It was still sub-freezing at the start of the week in Washington, D.C.  It warmed a bit for my interval run on Tuesday but the ground was still slick.  In San Diego, the temperature was cooler than I expected.  It was mid-50 degrees for my easy runs on Wednesday night and Friday morning.

Racing Schedule

Next race: 2018 San Diego 50 Miler later today!  I’m a little afraid of what I’m about to attempt but also confident.  If I run a smart race, I know I can do this.  (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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2018 San Diego 50 Miler – Week 7

2018 San Diego 50 Miler Infographic - Week 7

It was record-breaking cold this week.  But, for the most part, I missed running in it because I was sick!  I ran the Fairfax Four Miler on Sunday, skipped my next three workouts due to illness, and did a 10 mile medium run on Saturday.

Training Schedule
December 31st – January 6th

Sunday: Fairfax Four Miler.
Monday: Off.
Tuesday: Steady Run. 3-5 miles.
Wednesday: VO2Max Run. 5-7 miles w/4-5 x 5 min. w/1 min. recovery.
Thursday: Easy Run. 3-5 miles.
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: Medium-long Run. 8-10 mile trail run.

Mileage Total: ~23-27 Miles

Notes.  New Year’s Day was a scheduled rest day.  But, I skipped my workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday due to illness.

Workout Details

Fairfax Four Miler. 4 miles [Race Report].

The schedule in Running Your First Ultra had me taking a rest day after last Saturday’s long run but I like closing out the year with a race.  I had doubts about running when I saw it was going to be 20 degrees with a wind chill of 6 degrees on New Year’s Eve, but I did it anyway.  My lungs burned the entire distance but I finished in 30:33 (7:39 pace).  I was the 170th out of 1204 finishers (I can’t believe so many people ran this race!), 40th woman and 7th in my age group.

2017 Fairfax Four Miler - Selfie

2017 Fairfax Four Miler – Selfie

Overall pace=7:39.

Medium-long Run. 8-10 mile trail run [Log Details].

It was about 15 degrees when I woke up in the morning.  After three days of sickness and two days of rarely leaving the bed, I felt good enough to run.  My plan asked me to take this final medium-long run to a trail, but I wasn’t going to risk sucking in any more cold air or slipping on ice.  I drive to the gym and hopped on the treadmill.

Gold's Gym Treadmill

Gold’s Gym Treadmill

I started out on the 6.3 setting (9:31 pace), which was fast considering I’d been completely sedentary for two days.  But mentally, I wanted a final strong run before my first ultra-marathon.  I had printed my race plan for miles 20 through 35 of the race and tried to imagine how I’d feel during that segment.  But I was distracted by an odor during the first few minutes of the run.  “Is that me?”  Remembering the past three days of sickness, hygiene hadn’t been a priority.  “Maybe it’s the guy next to me.”  But then I noticed a guy on the elliptical with the arm pits cut out of his shirt.  “Oh, it’s gotta be him!”  I made a few sly sniffs in all directions, but couldn’t determine which one of us was the offender.  Back to visualizing, I focused on running strong and determined – head up, shoulders back – for this section of the race.  After the first hour, I stopped the treadmill, made some notes on my race plan, and then ran the final 3.7 miles at the setting to 6.5 (9:13 pace).  Again, faster than I should have but it made me feel fit instead of sickly.

Lessons learned:

  • It’s best to train for an ultra-marathon in the spring or fall.  I didn’t get to test race day weather conditions because it’s been so cold on the east coast.

Overall pace=8:55.


Illnesses.  After bragging on New Year’s Eve about how I never get sick…  I got sick a couple of days later!  I sneezed a couple of times during the day on Tuesday but didn’t think much of it.  The next day, I thought I might be getting sick but went on with my day.  Huge mistake!  I had a throbbing headache, and was sneezing or blowing my nose the entire day at work.  I stayed home on Thursday and Friday.  I felt so miserable that I barely left the bed.

Sleep.  The reason I wasn’t sure I was sick on Tuesday was that I didn’t sleep well on Monday night.  Due to the cold temperatures, the heat pump in my townhouse switched to auxiliary heat during the night and kept waking me up!  I slept well for the rest of the week due to the nighttime cold medicine I took.

Weight.  I barely ate while I was sick.  I finally got my appetite back on Friday night (craving a grilled cheese sandwich), which is how I could tell I was on the mend.

Injuries. If there’s a bright side to my sickness, it’s that my piriformis didn’t hurt during my medium run!


It’s been very cold here in Washington, DC.  It was 20 degrees with single-digit wind chills on New Year’s Eve.  We were introduced to the phrase “bomb cyclone”, which was fun to say.  On Saturday, it was sunny but the air temperature and wind chill were record-breaking low.

Racing Schedule

Next race: 2018 San Diego 50 Miler on Saturday, January 13th!  Being sick for three days has me a little rattled.  I’d rather be going into these last few days feeling healthy rather than knowing I’m still on the mend.  But, I’m a fighter!  And, I’m smart.  If I can get those two attributes to align, I should be fine.

This may be my last training-related blog post before the race and I’m sure the report will take a few days.  I’ll try to tweet out an update on my Twitter account if you’re interested in seeing how I do next Saturday.

(My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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2017 Fairfax Four Miler

2017 Fairfax Four Miler - BannerScroll all the way down to the end of the post for the tl;dr version.


After last Saturday’s long run to close out a 50 mile week, I started tapering for the 2018 San Diego 50 Miler!  My schedule called for a rest day on Sunday but I wanted to end the year at the Fairfax Four Miler.  It was going to be cold, though.  The forecast for the region was low-20s with wind chills in the single digits!


Personal Records:

  • 4 Mile PR & Course PR: 27:48 (6:57 pace) at the 2010 Fairfax Four Miler.
  • Most Recent 4 Miler: 29:29 (7:23 pace) at the 2016 Fairfax Four Miler.

Likely: Sub-32:00 (8:00 pace).  This wasn’t a goal race, so I wasn’t going to run it hard.  I’ve been able to do “steady” runs a little slower than 8:00 pace.

Strategy:  Don’t freeze to death!


The course is a loop through the George Mason University campus.  The terrain is gentle uphills and downhills throughout.  There’s one water stop after the 2 mile mark.  Crowd support is non-existent.

Fairfax Four Miler – Course


I didn’t listen to music during the race.  Well, not from my own personal device…


The forecast for this race was going to be cold and I wasn’t sure I wanted to torture myself when my goal race in two weeks would probably be 70 degrees.  But, I pre-registered for the race and at least wanted to pick up the hoodie since they’ve served as my throw aways at the New York City Marathon in recent years.

I took a nap on Sunday afternoon and woke up at 4:30pm for a 6pm race about a half hour drive away!  I dressed quickly, rushed to my car, and sped off a few minutes after 5pm.  During the ride, I noticed, I forgot a hat!  “Well, I’m definitely not running”.  Then, I thought, “You could buy a hat at Pacers.”  A few miles down the road, I realized I forgot my iPod.  “You can run without music,” I thought.  Run without music?!  Once that thought came into my mind, I knew I was running this race. (Oddly, I remembered a headlamp.)

I parked at the race site at about 5:45pm.  I picked up my bib and valued hoodie at the Old Town Hall, and then jogged to the old Pacer’s Running Store location to buy a hat only to realize it was a warming station.  I didn’t allow myself to be lulled by the heat, though.  I went to the actual store location, bought a hat, went back to my car, dropped off my hoodie, and was at the start by 5:55pm!  I even had time for an anxious selfie:


2017 Fairfax Four Miler - Selfie

2017 Fairfax Four Miler – Selfie


I captured the conditions from National Airport, which showed the air temperature was 20 degrees!  But, I should have grabbed Dulles Airport.  I’m guessing it was a few degrees colder.  With the wind chill, it felt like about 6 degrees!

2017 Fairfax Four Miler - Weather

2017 Fairfax Four Miler – Weather

The Race

Early Miles – Miles 1 to 2

The race starts with a slight uphill on University Drive/George Mason Boulevard.  I felt a little out of sorts – like my legs weren’t moving as fast as I was directing them.  I decided not to push the pace, though.  The cold air burned my lungs at first but I adapted to the feeling after a few minutes.  During the first mile, I noticed a woman running and playing music from her phone.  It was a bit annoying, no jealous because I wished I had remembered my iPod!  Music would have helped me take my mind off of how miserable I was.  She stopped to do something with her phone and I forged ahead.  The course veered left for a short stretch through a neighborhood.  I was still pretty miserable from the cold.  When I saw my first split, I was disappointed it wasn’t much faster than my interval pace.

The course took a short out-and-back on Patriot Circle.  Usually, I can cheer for my fast friends but I was too far back to see any of them.  Back on the main part of the course, I ran a little faster as the course headed downhill.  Closing in on the second mile, I heard some jingling and sensed there was a dog next to me – just like last year!  Meanwhile, Music Woman was back on my radar.  She would stop, I’d pass her, and then she’d start running again.  I wondered, “Is she running this race as an interval workout?”  My competitor mind countered, “If she is, she’s still beating you.”

Splits (by course): 7:44, 7:11.

Later Miles, Miles 2 to 4

I felt relief after Mile 2.  “You’re halfway done!”  I ran an even effort but the course climbed a little so my pace slowed.  Plus, I really didn’t want to be running anymore, so there’s that.  The course curved to the right and took an out-and-back on Mason Pond Drive.  Usually, there’s a water stop here but it was removed due to the cold.  The water would have froze in the cups!

After the turnaround, I sped up a little to put some distance between me and a woman running with her dog.  The course turned left back onto Patriot Circle.  It was very dark in sections.  My headlamp was slipping off my head, so I took it off my head and just held it.  At Mile Marker 3, I told myself, “Just one more mile.”  Runners were passing me but I didn’t feel the need to push harder.  I just wanted the cold torture to be over.  I took advantage of the downhill on George Mason Boulevard to the finish and passed Music Woman for the last time, though.

Splits (by course): 7:46, 7:35.


I crossed the finish line and went inside to grab a slice of cheese pizza.  I took one bite and then threw the rest way.  I wasn’t hungry at all.  On the drive home in my warm car, my appetite grew.  And, what did I want…  pizza!  I ate a microwave version before going out to celebrate New Year’s Eve.


My time was 30:33 (7:39 pace) [Log Details].  I was the 170th out of 1204 finishers.  I can’t believe so many people ran this race!  I was 40th woman and 7th in my age group.

2017 Fairfax Four Miler - Hoodie

2017 Fairfax Four Miler – Hoodie


The race crew did a great job adjusting to the cold weather. The warming stations were a great idea! I felt fine with how I ran but a couple of days later, I felt a cold coming on and had some regrets about running the race.

Abridged Version

I started tapering for the 2018 San Diego 50 Miler on Sunday and was supposed to take a rest day but I like closing out the year with a race.  I had doubts about running when I saw it was going to be 20 degrees with a wind chill of 6 degrees, but, I did it anyway.  My lungs burned but I finished in 30:33 (7:39 pace) and was 7th in my age group.  Naturally, I came down with a cold two days later.

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2017 Year End Review

2017 Year End Review Infographic


Mileage Total: 3,222 miles
Days of Running: 323 (42 days off)
Time Spent Running: ~19 days, 23 hours
Average Pace: 8:57 pace
Longest Run (Distance): 30 miles on December 9, 2017.
Longest Run (Time): 5:20:02 on December 9, 2017.

Most Memorable Training Runs

  1. July 29, 2017 -Long Run with The Dojos.  Normally, I run alone but I did a few runs this year with a local running club composed of some very fast runners.  During this run, I was struggling but one of the women stayed with me the entire way.  It reminded me of what it felt like to be on a team.
  2. December 9, 2017 – 30 Miler in the Snow.  Before this workout, 26.2 miles was the farthest I’d ever run so this was unknown territory.  To make matters more challenging, there was a snow storm moving into the region.  I spent five hours in the cold, rain, snow, and wind.  I finished it, but was absolutely exhausted at the end.
  3. April 27th – Car on the Mount Vernon Trail.   This day was memorable not so much for the training but for what I encountered during the run – a car on the trail!  For several days afterwards, I couldn’t help thinking if I had been running just slightly faster, I might have been part of the accident.


Number of Races: 17 – three marathons, two half marathons, two 10 milers, three 10Ks, one 5 miler, one four miler, four 5Ks, and a relay.  (My Race Reports)

Personal Records: None.

Most Memorable Races

1.  2017 New York City Marathon.  I was overwhelmed with emotion at the end of this race.  I trained so hard this summer – running through stiffing heat, rain storms, and a busy work schedule.  I was a machine running that race!  I wanted sub-3:30 so much that I couldn’t believe it was happening until I crossed the finish line.

2017 New York City Marathon - Mile 7

2017 New York City Marathon – Mile 7

2.  2017 Eugene Marathon.  My performance was a little disappointing but the entire experience – from visiting Pre’s Rock to finishing on Hayward Field – was everything I hoped it would be and more.

2017 Eugene Marathon - Hayward Field

2017 Eugene Marathon – Hayward Field

3. 2017 Bourbon Chase.  I really pushed myself during this relay, running for Runner 10 and 11.  Between the physical exhaustion from running and the mental anxiety during the drive to my second set of legs, I think this race will stick with me for a while.


Hottest Run: 88 degrees on September 25th.
Coldest Run:
20 degrees on December 31st.  The air temperature was also 20 degrees on December 29th, but the wind chill made it feel colder on this day.

Most Memorable Weather

1.  October 8, 2017 – 2017 Army Ten Miler.  It takes a lot for me to give up on a race but the heat and humidity on that day did me in.  I heard so many ambulances that I really thought the race might be shut down.

2.  December 9, 2017 – 30 Miler in the Snow.  Perhaps it’s fitting that my longest training run featured rain, snow, and windy conditions.

Fletchers in the Snow - 12092017

Fletcher’s in the Snow – 12092017

3.  September 2, 2017 – Marathon Pace Run in the Rain.  This run was pure misery.  It rained the entire time.

Clothing & Gear

Favorite New Products

  1. Nathan LightSpeed Pak Belt.  The belt was big enough to hold my smartphone and sat comfortably against my hip during runs.  I preferred it over an armband most of the time but it does move around a bit when I’m wearing tights.
  2. New Balance NYC Marathon Heat Hoodie.  Even though I own too much running gear, I allowed myself this purchase at the expo and I’m glad I did.  This top is fleecy on the inside but slightly slick on the outside to repel dampness in the air.  It’s been great for fall and winter running.
  3. Lululemon TaTa Tamer III.  I’ve been trying to find a replacement for my discontinued Under Armor bras.  This bra fits well and is very stylish.  It might be a contender.

Nutrition & Hydration

Favorite New Products

  1. Sword Caffeine Chews.  I haven’t used caffeine very much in my training other than my morning cup of coffee.  Some of the caffeine products I tried caused a spike in energy that I really didn’t like.  But, I thought the boost from these tablets was much more subtle.
  2. SaltStick FastChews.  I’ve been a salt tablet skeptic, as well.  But, I was won over recently during my ultra-marathon training.  Popping one or two of these chews throughout my long runs recently has kept me from crashing after 20 miles.
  3. Heka Energy Drink.  Again, I haven’t been a big proponent of caffeine.  But, I liked being able to adjust the amount of it I was getting through a powder.


Favorite Developments

  1. Roosevelt Island Improvements & Water Fountain.  The new water fountain was a game changer.  Frequently, I run the Custis and Mount Vernon trails for my long runs and now I don’t have to carry as much water because I know there’s an oasis between the fountain at Nelson Street on the Custis Trail and the one near National Airport.
  2. Four Mile Run Trail Detour.  The local tracks are so crowded that I run my intervals on this trail.  It was pretty inconvenient during my 2017 Boston Marathon training cycle when it was closed due to a larger restoration project.  I was thrilled when it was re-opened.
  3. Water Fountain on the Custis Trail.  The existing water fountain on the Custis Trail near Nelson Street was switched out for an all-weather fixture.  For year-round runners like me, little things like this mean a lot.

Media & Motivation

Favorite Running Pictures

1.  Arlington Memorial Bridge View with Yellow Flowers.   The sky and water were both such a solid blue that the yellow from the flowers and white of the bridge really popped.

Memorial Bridge View - 09242017

Memorial Bridge View – 09242017

2.  Merchant Marine Memorial at Sunrise.  The rising sun, red flowers, and Washington Monument in the background was absolutely beautiful.

Merchant Marine Memorial - 08012017

Merchant Marine Memorial – 08012017

3.  Pre-Dawn Thomas Jefferson Memorial.  The monument lights turned the monument an eerie yellow-green, and its reflection in The Tidal Basin was so clear.

Pre-Dawn Jefferson Memorial 01172017

Pre-Dawn Jefferson Memorial 01172017

Favorite New Running Songs

  1. Down the Road,” by C2C.  This song was used in the course video for the Eugene Marathon and it became stuck in my head as I visualized executing a great race.  It motivated me on race day and I still manage to find another gear when it comes on.
  2. Feel This Moment,” by Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera.  This song got me through the dog days of summer training for the New York City Marathon.  I was exhausted from the heat but my legs found extra energy from the beat and lyrics.
  3. Can’t Hold Us,” Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton.  I rediscovered this song at the end of the year when I needed to keep my motivation up heading into ultra-marathon training.

Favorite Running-Related Media

  1. Breaking2 from National Geographic.  For me, the best part of this documentary was that it humanized these elite runners.  I really got a sense for who they were and what motivated them.  Zersenay Tadese winning the first Olympic medal for Eritrea.  Lelisa Desisa’s Boston Marathon victory on the heels of the bombing.  And, Eliud Kipchoge!  What a performance!  He inspired so many athletes with his attempt at a sub-2 hour marathon.  (The “Moonshot,” article by Alex Hutchinson gave interesting details on the science behind the attempt.)
  2. Shalane Flanagan Solves N.Y. Marathon for American Women,” by The New York Times.  After finishing the race myself, I was shocked to read that Shalane Flanagan had won the women’s race!  She’s an incredible competitor but I don’t think there was a lot of publicity about her going into the race other than that she might retire after it.  She clearly works hard and is passionate about running, so I was very happy to see her win.
  3. Moonshot,” by The Runner’s World Show.  Related to the Breaking2 project, I anticipated every update to the podcast host’s Boston Marathon qualifying attempt while he reported on the Breaking2 project.
  4. One of the Coolest Races’: Pacers Running Store Owner Completes Solo Marathon, Keeps Streak Alive,” Washington Post.  I followed the event during the day and at the end, found myself thinking of the ending to It’s A Wonderful Life.  It warmed my heart this holiday season to see so many people rally to make this happen for their friend.
  5. Our Hundredth Anniversary Show (Super Fans),” Pace the Nation.  I have been a loyal listener to this podcast since the early episodes.  I was delighted to be on the “super fans” episode!  The entire show is great, but if you’re interested in my segment, it starts at the 1:01:52 mark.
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2018 San Diego 50 Miler – Week 6

2018 San Diego 50 Miler Infographic - Week 6

With Sunday’s medium run, I surpassed 3,168 miles for the year and set a new personal record!  Running conditions were miserable due to cold temperatures and strong winds.  I ran my last long run on the treadmill.  Now, I’m tapering for the San Diego 50 Miler!

Training Schedule
December 24th – December 30th

Sunday: Medium-long Run. 12 miles.
Monday: Easy Run. 5 miles + Core Strength Exercises.
Tuesday: VO2Max Run. 9 miles w/6-8 x 5 min. w/1 min. recovery.
Wednesday: Easy Run.  4-6 miles.
Thursday: Off.
Friday: General Aerobic Run. 7 miles hilly.
Saturday: Long Run. 18-22 miles.

Mileage Total: ~55-61 Miles

Notes.  This was the second week of “fine tuning” in my training program.  Usually, I run the maximum mileage for every run but I missed that mark this week.  I was rushed for time on Tuesday and ran shorter repetitions than I did last week, and I couldn’t pull of 22 miles on Saturday.

Workout Details

Highest Mileage Year

Highest Mileage Year

Medium-long Run. 12 miles [Log Details].

I was exhausted after yesterday’s long run but heartened that this would be my last back-to-back long run of this training cycle!  I thought about finding a dirt trail – I haven’t run a lot of miles off-road – but, I didn’t have time.  I left the house just before noon.  It was Christmas Eve and there weren’t very many people out on the roads as I ran north towards Rosslyn and the Custis Trail.  I felt as though I was running pretty fast – especially once I hit the downhill on the W&OD Trail – but my Garmin showed that was an illusion.

With this run, I ran hit an overall mileage record – surpassing 3,168 miles for the year!

Overall pace=9:00.

VO2Max Run. 9 miles w/6-8 x 5 min. w/1 min. recovery [Log Details].

I got a late start for this workout and knew I wouldn’t have time to do one more repetition than I had the week before, which is what my training plan prescribed.  My legs were dead from the start.  I ran about 10 seconds per mile slower than I managed last week for shorter intervals.  I was disappointed in myself when I cut the workout short, but my legs just didn’t any more to give.

1,000m paces=7:44, 7:45, 7:51, 7:46, 7:45, 7:56, 7:47.  Average=7:48.

Feet Under Dryer - 12292017

Feet Under Dryer – 12292017

General Aerobic Run. 6 miles [Log Details].

It was a cold 20 degree morning.  Getting dressed, I put on my warmest clothing items except my wool socks were in the laundry.  I thought, “Your feet are rarely cold,” and headed out the door.   On my way to the W&OD Trail, I could barely feel my feet!  I thought about turning back for home but stopped at the bathrooms at Glencarlyn Park for warmth.  I took off my shoes and socks and heated my feet under the dryer until I could feel the blood flowing again.  It was a miserable run but surprisingly fast!

Overall pace=8:09.


Long Run. 18-22 miles [Log Details].

Gold's Gym Treadmill

Gold’s Gym Treadmill

I decided early on that this would be a treadmill run.  It’s going to be 70 degrees during my goal race and I didn’t see the benefit in suffering through the cold.  Plus, I wanted to test wearing my Camelbak in a tank top rather than a long-sleeve shirt to see if it would chaff my shoulders.

I set the treadmill for 5.6, which is 10:42 pace.  I felt a little self-conscious wearing a Camelbak on the treadmill but told myself, “This isn’t the weirdest thing people have done in the gym.”  I listened to race day playlist, took two salt tablets every half hour or so and ate about 200 calories every hour.  My Camelbak was moving around quite a lot.  After about an hour, I took it off in fear of chaffing.  During a break, I retrieved a small towel from my gym bag and tried to wedge it between the straps and my skin but it didn’t help steady the pack.  At the two and a half hour mark, I started feel a little full and sick but ran through it.  During my next break, I noticed my left pinky toe was very sore!  I got through the next 5 mile block but decided to end the workout for fear of blisters.  I did one more mile and called it a day.

Lesson learned:

  • Think about ditching the Camelbak for a handheld water bottle at Mile 30.

Overall pace=10:47.


Sleep.  I slept like a baby this week!  No doubt it was due to the holiday on Monday and less stress.

Injuries. I felt pretty good this week!  I still have some pain in my left foot in the mornings, though.  I had some chaffing during last Saturday’s long run that led to some sore spots on my left side and back.


Winds were noticeable but mild on Sunday.  They picked up on Christmas Day.  On Tuesday, the temperature dipped below freezing and stayed that way all week.  I ran in the coldest temperature that I have all year on Friday!

Racing Schedule

Future races.  I finally booked my flight and hotel for the San Diego 50 Miler this week.  This is really happening!

Next race: 2017 Fairfax Four Miler on Sunday, December 31st?  It might be too cold for me to run.  But, I’m planning to at least pick up my hoodie. (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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2018 San Diego 50 Miler – Week 5

2018 San Diego 50 Infographic - Week 5

Last week’s recovery continued with easy running through Tuesday of this week.  My plan called it “fine tuning” but my lungs labored and legs lacked “pop” after so many days off.  But, this would be my last back-to-back long run weekend!

Training Schedule
December 17 – December 23

Sunday: Easy Run. 5-6 miles.
Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: Easy Run. 7-9 miles.
Wednesday: VO2Max Run. 9 miles w/5-7 x 5 min. w/1 min. recovery.
Thursday: Easy Run. 3 miles.
Friday: General Aerobic Run. 7 miles.
Saturday: Long Run. 25 miles.

Mileage Total: ~56-59 Miles

Notes.  I slept in on Wednesday and pushed my interval workout to Thursday.  In retrospect, that was a bad idea because it meant I ran two hard days before my 25 mile long run on Saturday!

Workout Details


Sunrise - 12192017

Sunrise – 12192017

VO2Max Run. 12 miles w/5-7 x 1200m w/1 min. recovery [Log Details].

I took the day off from work but my body didn’t allow me to sleep in much.  I headed out the door at around 8:30am.  After a 15 minute warm-up, I started the intervals on the Four Mile Trail heading towards the Mount Vernon Trail.  It was a beautiful morning – the air was crisp and the trail was mostly my own.  The first few repetitions didn’t feel overly hard but I still would have liked a longer recovery.  I told myself, “Come on!  Camille Herron can run 100 miles at this pace!”  I turned around during the fourth interval near the Washington Marina.  The fifth repetition was slower because there’s an uphill between the Marina and the Airport.  But, my splits were incredible consistent!

1,200m pace=7:35, 7:41, 7:35, 7:38, 7:48, 7:33, 7:37.  Average=7:38.

General Aerobic Run. 7 miles [Log Details].

Even though I took this day off from work, too, I started later than I should have.  I scheduled a service call for the day and didn’t know when they would arrive.  I planned on doing an out-and-back on the W&OD Trail.  I checked my phone a mile into the run and saw a voice message saying the technician would arrive between 10am and 11am.  I should have just enough time to finish the run.  I ran fairly hard during the workout – motivated by a 10am deadline and up-tempo music.  Before the turnaround, I flew by a Ragnar teammate at Bluemont Park and shouted out to her!  My legs felt a little flat but I finished the run at 9:58am!  Of course, the repairman arrived closer to 11am.

Overall pace=8:29.

Long Run. 25 miles [Log Details].

This would be the first part of my last back-to-back long run weekend.  I wanted to experiment with goal pace, nutrition, and my gear.  The forecast showed rain, but the weather was pretty good at the start – warm and just a little windy.  I was sweating in a long-sleeve and questions the choice of wearing something so heavy.

My legs were sore and didn’t want to do more than a shuffle from the start.  A mile into the run, I realized I forgot my salt tablets and caffeine tablets!  I knew I would really have to watch my hydration for this run.  I turned on a podcast and snacked on raisins during the early miles on the W&OD Trail.  I took my first break on the Custis Trail near the detour for Ballston.  I didn’t really need it but I grabbed a breakfast bar from my Camelbak.  A mile or so later, I left the trail and headed towards the steep hills of Military Road in North Arlington.  I really struggled.  I even found myself asking, “Why are you doing this to yourself?”  But, I just kept plodding along.

I took my second break at the Chain Bridge and finished another box of raisins before running downhill on the Capital Crescent Trail. When I reached Georgetown, I gazed at all the shoppers and was heartened by the modest Christmas tree near Key Bridge.

Christmas Tree Near Key Bridge - 12232017

Christmas Tree Near Key Bridge – 12232017

I crossed back into Virginia and took my next break at the water fountain on the Mount Vernon Trail near Roosevelt Island and ate a Luna Bar.  The water tasted amazing!  By the time I reached Gravelly Point, the winds started picking up and it started raining.  I thought about taking another break on the Four Mile Trail under Route 1 but pushed onward until the end.

Lesson learned:

  • If I keep a slow and steady pace, I won’t need to take very long breaks.

Overall pace=10:45.


Injuries. With so many rest days, I thought I would physically feel better when I returned to running but my long-lingering piriformis and probable plantar fasciitis issues weren’t any better.  After my 25-miler on Saturday, everything hurt!

Sleep.  It was a pretty good week for sleep!  The Walking Dead is on hiatus and I took two days off from work.


For most of the week, the temperature hovered around 40 degrees in the morning.  The conditions weren’t terrible, though – no snow, rain, or high winds.  On Saturday, the temperature was warmer but it was windy and rainy.

Racing Schedule

Runner rankings.  Potomac River Running’s Regional Runner Rankings – Fall 2017.  I didn’t make the age group rankings.  I had a good 2017 Dulles Day 10K but a disappointing 2017 Army Ten Miler due to the heat.

Next race: 2017 Fairfax Four Miler on Sunday, December 31st. (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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Training Supplement – December 17, 2016

Training Supplement - 12172017

I worked on getting my gear, nutrition, and hydration plans together for the San Diego 50 Miler!  I have concerns about whether my Garmin will last the entire race but my hydration pack should be fine.  I learned the hard way that I need to keep my smartphone in its case.

Clothing & Gear

Shattered Galaxy S7 - 12092017

Shattered Galaxy S7 – 12092017

Hydration packs.  The Camelbak Dart that I’ve been using for my long runs has a pocket on the front strap that’s perfect for a smartphone.  But, it’s a little snug so I took it out of the protective case.  I stopped at the bathroom at Fletcher’s Boathouse during a run and my phone fell to the ground and cracked!  I had to buy a new phone.  I immediately bought an Otterbox for my new Galaxy S8 and haven’t taken it out since.

GPS watchesGarmin Forerunner 630.  After my Garmin showed a “Low Battery” warning during my run a couple of weeks ago (it had about a 70% charge before the run), I started to have doubts about whether my watch would last for 50 miles.  When I finished my 30 miler last weekend (after a full charge), my battery was at 35%.  I did some math and am guessing my Garmin might indeed die before the end of the race.

Runner’s World Box.  This month’s box was heavy on breakfast with a full-size box of cereal and pop-tarts.  I look forward to seeing if the Squirrel’s Nut Butter roll on spreads easier that the tin.

Runner's World Box - November 2017

Runner’s World Box – November 2017

(My Complete Clothes & Gear Page.)

Nutrition & Hydration

Hydration.  I tested the limits of my Camelbak Dart, which holds a liter and a half of fluids, during my 30 miler two weeks ago.  I drank freely and when I finished, had about 10-12 ounces of water in the bladder.  It’ll be warmer in San Diego, but I’m guessing I should only have to refill it once.  And, I should time it around the turn-around on the out-and-back course.

Workout Nutrition.  I’m also trying to dial in my nutrition.  I’ve been eating about 150-200 calories every 50 minutes during my longer runs.  I don’t think it’s quite enough.  According to my training book, Running Your First Ultra, our digestive system can process 200-400 calories an hour on the move.  I should be able to up my fueling a little bit without GI distress.

Electrolytes. SaltStick FastChews.  I took several of these during my 30 miler and avoided the “bonk” I had during my 28 miler.  Granted, it was a cooler day but I’m convinced they’ll help me get through my ultra-marathon.


Hazards.  “W&OD Trail to be Pre-Treated if Snow or Ice in the Forecast,” ArlNow.  The good news?  I read the W&OD Trail, which runs approximately 45 miles from south Arlington County to Purcellville, Virginia, will be pre-treated this winter!  It’ll be great having that option over the treadmill.

Construction.  “Carlin Springs Road Bridge to Close Friday for Demolition,” ArlNow.  The bad news?  One of the roads I frequent will be under construction for close to two years.  I run on George Mason Drive frequently.  It’s a great north-south artery in central Arlington County because there are fewer cars and intersections than options, like Glebe Road.  Due to a bridge demolition, the road and sidewalk may be subject to detours.

George Mason Drive Closure - 12162017

George Mason Drive Closure – 12162017

Media & Motivation

Music.  I’m putting together my San Diego 50 Miler Playlist.  I’m compiling a chronology of songs that I’ve loved over the years.  During the race, as the songs get more current, I’ll know I’m getting closer to finishing!

Xanadu,” Olivia Newton-John.  This was my favorite song when I was a “tween”.  My best friend and I listened to it over and over and over…

(My “Songs of the Week” playlist on Spotify.)

News.  “Cheers! 100 Miles and a Couple of Beers Later, a World Record,” Runner’s World.  It’s unfathomable to me that a human can run 7:38 pace for 100 miles!  Camille Herron is an endurance machine.

Our Man in Arlington – Profile of Desta Beriso Morkama,” Falls Church News-Press shared by ArlNow.  I was happy to read a profile of this year’s Marine Corps Marathon winner.  In addition to cheering for him at that race, I’ve seen him win or place at others and training around my neighborhood.

Magazines.  “Our Favorite Things,” UltraRunning Magazine, December 2017/January 2018.  (It’s unfortunate this article is under embargo given the holiday season.  There are some good gift ideas in it.)  I got a pebble in my sock running on the Capital Crescent Trail during one of my runs and I thought I should invest in some crew socks.  Based on the review, I decided to buy the Injinji Midweight Crew sock.  But, I haven’t had a chance to wear them, yet.

Podcasts.  “Harold,” This American Life.  This entertaining episode took my mind off the brutal rolling hills on Military Road two weeks ago.  I didn’t know much about Harold Washington, the first black mayor of Chicago, before tuning in.  I liked how the producers tied the past to the present.

Motivation. If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it. – Priscilla Welch

Running 50 miles is a daunting task but I know now is the time if I ever want to do it.

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2018 San Diego 50 Miler – Week 4

2018 San Diego 50 Infographic - Week 4This training plan takes recovery seriously!  After Sunday’s 15 miler, the rest of the running this week was easy.  The mileage will ramp up again for two weeks before I start tapering.

Training Schedule
December 10th – December 16th

Sunday: Medium-long Run. 15 miles.
Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: Easy Run. 5 miles + Core Strength Exercises.
Wednesday: Easy Run. 6-8 miles.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: Easy Run. 6 miles + Core Strength Exercises.
Saturday: Easy Run. 6-8 miles.

Mileage Total: ~38-42 Miles.

Notes.  I slept in on Wednesday and skipped that 8 miler.

Workout Details

Medium-long Run. 15 miles [Log Details].

I was very tired after running 30 miles the day before and 12 miles the day before that – this would be 57 miles in three days!  I just wanted to finish this run.  I ran through Crystal City to the Mount Vernon Trail.  After freezing during yesterday’s run, I over-dressed a bit.  It was cold but the sun made it feel warmer.  I stopped on the Humpback Bridge, started a pack of Glukos Energy Gels, and took a picture.

Pentagon View from Humpback - 12102017

Pentagon View from Humpback – 12102017

I stopped for water at Roosevelt Island and on the Custis Trail.  I tried to speed up on the downhill section of the W&OD Trail – just like the week before.  I was proud to finish this run at the same pace even though I had more mileage on my legs from the past two days.

Overall pace=9:48.


Injuries. Having logged 42 miles the two days before, my feet hurt during my run on Sunday.  I got concerned when the achiness spread to my Achilles tendons.  After a few days of rest, that pain went away.

Sleep.  On Sunday, I took a Tylenol PM to make sure I slept through the night.  But, I woke up in the middle of the night.  I was hungry!  I ate a snack and then went back to bed after an hour.

Icy Custis Trail - 12162017

Icy Custis Trail – 12162017


It was a cold week.  The temperature hovered in the upper 30s at the start but dipped closer to freezing by the end.  There were even snow flurries on Friday.

Racing Schedule

Next race: 2017 Fairfax Four Miler on Sunday, December 31st. (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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2018 San Diego 50 Miler – Week 3

2018 San Diego 50 Infographic - Week 3

I ran my longest run in the early hours of a snow storm on Saturday!  During the week, I ran well but skipped Wednesday’s interval workout and thought I was getting sick.  I felt bad about it but knew it wouldn’t have gone well.

Training Schedule
December 3rd – December 9th

Sunday: Medium-long Run. 12-15 miles.
Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: Easy Run. 5 miles + Core Strength Exercises.
Wednesday: VO2Max Run. 12 miles w/7-8 x 5 min. w/1 min. recovery.
Thursday: General Aerobic Run. 5 miles.
Friday: General Aerobic Run. 12 miles.
Saturday: Long Run. 28-30 miles.

Mileage Total: ~74-79 Miles

Notes.  Ever the over-achiever, I went with the higher mileage on Sunday and Saturday.  I over-slept on Wednesday and skipped my interval workout.  I felt sick during the day and knew it wouldn’t have gone well.

Workout Details

Medium-long Run. 12-15 miles [Log Details, Part 1 and Part 2].

I kept the pace similar to my long run the day before.  I felt very sore during the early miles on the Mount Vernon Trail.

Memorial Bridge - 12032017

Memorial Bridge – 12032017

I felt pretty fatigued on the rolling hills of the Custis Trail.  But on the mostly downhill W&OD Trail, I got down to 7:40 pace!  The burst of speed had me thinking if I could just figure out how to pace and hydrate in the early miles of the 50 miler, I would be fine at the end.

Overall pace=9:47.

General Aerobic Run. 5 miles [Log Details].

I didn’t feel well the day before and took in a lot of fluids before the run thinking maybe I was still dehydrated.  After the day off, I thought I’d head out the door like lightening but I didn’t really feel like running.  The pace was supposed to be “steady” so I tried to run a little harder than easy.  I picked up the pace a little on the Four Mile Run Trail after I passed a guy and he tried to pass me back.  The fire wasn’t completely out.

Overall pace=8:23.

General Aerobic Run. 12 miles [Log Details].

The run was my commute, which meant I got to sleep in a little.  Still, I woke up feeling like I could use another day off.  It was my coldest run of the winter so I wore a jacket, thermal long-sleeve, and heavy tights.  I was sweating from the start!  I thought about the upcoming 30 miler and not wanting to go out too hard, so I purposely slowed myself down several times as I made my way down to Alexandria.  The scenery was brown and gloomy along the Mount Vernon Trail.  I crossed the 14th Street Bridge into Washington, D.C.

Washington Monument from 14th Street Bridge - 12082017

Washington Monument from 14th Street Bridge – 12082017

Usually, I speed up around the Tidal Basin and Independence Avenue, but I stuck to my goal of keeping the pace easy.

Overall pace=8:40.

Long Run. 28-30 miles [Log Details].

There was snow in the forecast but when I woke up, the skies were clear.  By the time I finished my coffee, though, a light sleet had started.  I headed out the door at 8:30am.

I was running just over 9:30 pace along the Four Mile Run Trail and it felt easy.  My first stop was just short of six miles into the run on the Mount Vernon Trail under a bridge.  I thought it would feel nice to be out of the elements even for a minute.  I snacked on a Luna Bar.  Heading north and into the wind, icy snow pelted my face.  I thought, “If I’d just gotten up a little earlier, I would have missed some of this!”  My second stop was on Hains Point.  By then, the conditions were a little better.  I took two salt tablets and had another Luna Bar.  I didn’t like the flavor but forced myself to eat it.  I did a short loop around the Mall and Tidal Basin before taking my next break under the Whitehurst Freeway in Georgetown.  Now, it was snowing.

On the Capital Crescent Trail, I ate a banana and another salt pill.  I made an unplanned stop at Fletcher’s Boathouse to use the bathroom.

Fletchers in the Snow - 12092017

Fletcher’s in the Snow – 12092017

After crossing Chain Bridge back into Virginia, I took out Fig Bars – my last bit of food.  I still had 10 miles to go and realized in my rush to get out the door, I hadn’t packed enough to eat.  I stopped again on the Custis Trail and had two more salt tabs.  On the W&OD Trail, I slowed down to take a picture of the snow but my phone only showed half a screen!  “Uh oh.”   I remembered I dropped my phone struggling with my Camelbak when I used the bathroom at Fletcher’s.  Then, on the last stretch home, I noticed my Garmin had turned off!  All of my technology was failing me!  I managed to get my watch restarted, though.  Determined that my Strava file would show 30 miles, I ran an extra quarter-mile or so after arriving home.

Lessons learned:

  • I need to eat more.  575 calories over 30 miles is not enough.
  • I’m still starting off too fast.

Overall pace=10:40.


Sleep.  I watched too much television on Sunday and only got six hours of sleep!  But, I was getting seven to eight hours a night by mid-week.

Illnesses On Wednesday, I woke up feeling tired and skipped my workout.  During the day, I thought I might have a stomach bug but felt better by the evening.

Injuries.  My left foot hurt so much Saturday evening that I wondered whether the pain was something more serious than plantar fasciitis.


The week started pleasant enough for December with temperatures in the upper-40s.  By Thursday, it was colder.  On Saturday, a winter storm hit the region and I ran a 30 miler in icy rain.

Racing Schedule

Future races.  I’ve been watching the news about the wild fires in California since I have so many friends and family there.  The Lilac Fire is in the northern part of San Diego but shouldn’t impact my race.

Next race: 2017 Fairfax Four Miler on Sunday, December 31st. (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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Training Supplement – December 3, 2017

Training Supplement - 12032017

I’ve spent the past few weeks “feeling my way through the darkness” of training for my first ultra-marathon!  Most notably, I got used to running with a hydration pack, experienced the restorative powers of salt pills, and learned some trails are better for hiking.

Clothing & Gear

Hydration packsCamelbak Dart.  I’ve owned this pack for a while but haven’t run with it in a while.  The bladder holds 1.5 liters of water.  There are two pockets on the back – one large compartment along the center and a smaller one on the bottom.  On the front straps, there’s a mesh pocket that’s wide enough for a smart phone.  I like it but wonder if it’s more than I need for a 50 miler.

25 Miler Gear - 11252017

25 Miler Gear – 11252017

Anti-Chafing.  Squirrel’s Nut Butter.  I got this in a Runner’s World Box a few months ago and decided to pack it for my first ultra-marathon long run.  I got a little bit of “chub-rub” and it worked great!  My only complaint is that it didn’t spread very well when cold.

HeadphonesFRESHeBUDS Wireless Earbuds.   I’d been wearing these earbuds frequently and tried them on a 25 miler.  I hadn’t charged them enough before the run and they died after about 3 hours. I love the idea of wireless headphones but don’t want to spend the next month finding a pair that will last for nine hours.

(My Complete Clothes & Gear Page.)

Nutrition & Hydration

Nutrition. Clif Nut Butter Filled Energy Bar.  I ate the chocolate peanut butter bar on my 25 miler and it was yummy!  But, it didn’t digest well on the run.  I think it was too rich at 230 calories, 11 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein.

Hydration.  In an attempt to make sure I drink enough during my upcoming ultra-marathon, I did a sweat rate test on an easy run.  I weighed myself before and after a one-hour run and lost about one and a half pounds, which equates to about 24 ounces an hour.  I’m definitely not drinking that much during my runs.  I might drink 12 ounces during a marathon!

Electrolytes.  Salt Stick Caps Fastchews.  I felt terrible towards the end of my 28 miler last weekend.  I took two of these chews and felt better in minutes!


Trails. I’ve probably passed the Potomac Heritage Trail hundreds of times over the years when I’ve run through Roosevelt Island.  I decided to check it out on my run last Sunday.  Big mistake for a novice like me.

Georgetown View from Potomac Heritage Trail - 11262017

Georgetown View from Potomac Heritage Trail – 11262017

Potomac Heritage Trail Cliff - 11262017

Potomac Heritage Trail Cliff – 11262017

Scarlet Natural Chaos - 12022017

Scarlet Natural Chaos – 12022017

The trail is very technical.  At points, there were large rocks or fallen tree trunks across the track and I was reduced to walking.  It was beautiful but if I return it’ll be for a hike.

Water Fountains.  One of the challenging of winter running is finding working water fountains.  Last weekend, I expected to drink at Fletcher’s Boathouse but the fountain was turned off.  This past weekend, I had a similar experience at the Martin Luther King Memorial.

ArtScarlet Natural Chaos, by Arnie Quinz.  I noticed this sculpture in Georgetown this weekend.  I thought, “How have I never noticed this?”  It might have been installed this fall and it’s probably been that long since I ran through Georgetown.


Media & Motivation

Music.  Wake Me Up (Acoustic),” by Aloe Blacc.   This song came on during my first long run of my training for the San Diego 50 Miler.  It hooked me right from the start because I really am feeling my way through the darkness with this ultra-marathon training!

(My “Songs of the Week” playlist on Spotify.)

Podcasts.  “Episode 411 – Tina Muir,” by Marathon Talk.  This was an interesting episode that featured Tina Muir, who is the former host of the RunnersConnect Run to the Top Podcast.  She talked at length about her struggle with amenorrhea for nine years and how she got her cycle back by gaining some weight.  Mario Fraioli, who was also training for his first ultra-marathon in California, was also on the show.  But the best parts of the episode for this American was the hosts kept talking about how one of them was “pauly”.  (Or, “pawly”?)  I gathered that they were saying he sick but I’d never heard that expression before.  Later in the episode, there was a reference to weight in “stones”.  I love hearing English expressions that us Americans don’t understand or use at all.  (Good luck, Meghan!  I missed six questions.)

Episode 130 – I Voted, (Marc Goldman),” by Pace the Nation.  I enjoyed this episode because it allowed me to reminisce about the 2017 New York City Marathon and meeting the hosts after last year’s race.  I really did wish they’d made the trip.  I tweeted out a picture of the beer I had in their honor.

Motivation. “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius

As I started training for my first ultra-marathon, this quote seemed truer than ever.  I need to become more comfortable with running slowly.

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