Summer 2017 Training – Week 6


2017 Summer - Week 6I slowed down a lot during my runs this week due to the heat and humidity.  Today, I ran my first ParkRun!  I’m about 3 weeks out from training for the 2017 New York City Marathon, but I found myself looking at multi-stage ultras

Training Schedule
June 11th – June 17th

Sunday: Medium Run. 12 miles.
Monday: Recovery Run. 8 miles.
Tuesday: Off.
Wednesday: Long Run. 16 miles.
Thursday: General Aerobic Run. 8 miles.
Friday: Recovery Run. 8 miles.
Saturday: Fletcher’s Cove Park Run.

Mileage Total: ~50-55 Miles

Notes. I slept in on Sunday and by the time I was ready to run, it was already 80 degrees outside.  So, I skipped that run and moved it to Monday.  That change led to other adjustments.  For instance, having had an off day on Sunday, I didn’t want to take another off day on Tuesday.  I pushed my long run to Thursday but didn’t get up early enough to complete 16 miles.  In short, nothing turned out as planned this week.

Goals. Run at least 50 miles and close the week at 125 pounds.  Outcome: A little short in one area and over in the other.  I ran 49.5 miles and weighed in around 123 pounds.

Workout Details

Medium Run. 12 miles [Log Details].

It was hot from the start – 74 degrees and 85% humidity.  I thought it would be good to just run as slow as possible and try to get acclimated to the heat.

During the early miles, the pace felt almost too easy.  But, I reminded myself that it always feels easy early and that I regret increasing the pace later.  I made my way through Arlington until I made it to the Custis Trail.   I slowed down significantly on the long uphill along Lee Highway.  I felt a little better on the rollers but stopped for water at Nelson Street to refill my Nathan Handheld.  I didn’t stay long, though.  I wanted to run easy enough that I wouldn’t use these water stops as an excuse to rest.

Two miles down the road, though, I stopped for water on the W&OD Trail.  Luckily, there were two cyclist talking by the fountain and I got the sense if I lingered they’d draw me into their conversation.  I ran a little faster since this section of the trail was downhill.

Overall pace=9:47.

Long Medium Run. 16 miles 13 miles [Log Details].

It was a stressful work week and by Thursday, I wanted sleep more than I wanted to run.  But, since I knew my plan was to start training for the 2017 New York City Marathon in a few weeks, I wanted to keep my mileage up.  I couldn’t take two off days this week.

I focused on take the early miles very easy.  I made sure I wasn’t breathing heavy or sweating too much on this 70+ degree morning.

Gravelly Point - 06152017

Gravelly Point – 06152017

Roosevelt Island Water Fountain - 06152017

Roosevelt Island Water Fountain – 06152017

At the 5 mile mark – a third of the way through – I increased the pace a little.  At times, I knew I was running a little too hard and forced myself back into a moderate effort.

When I got to Roosevelt Island, I saw a new water fountain!  There aren’t many of them on the Mount Vernon Trail so this oasis was a sight for sore eyes.  I stopped to drink but the water had a chlorine taste to it that stopped me from enjoying it.  As I restarted my run, I ran past my friend and Pace the Nation host.

A couple of miles later, during a low point, I heard someone yell, “Hey, good lookin’!”  It was one of my Ragnar teammates!  Wow!  Even when I don’t expect it, they lift me up when I’m down.

I continued running by effort on the Custis Trail, but the slower pace meant the run was taking longer than I expected.  I realized I wouldn’t finish the route I planned in time to shower and get to work on time so I caught a bus home after 14 miles.

Overall pace=9:36.

Fletcher’s Cove Roosevelt Island Park Run [Race Report].

I heard about a weekly ParkRun at Fletcher’s Cove a while ago.  I thought this would be a good weekend to see what they’re about.  I didn’t give myself enough time to make it to Fletcher’s Cove by 9am, so I ran the event at Roosevelt Island instead.  While I’ve run past it hundreds of times, I’ve only visited the Island once – over a decade ago before I was a runner.

Roosevelt Monument - 06172017

Roosevelt Monument – 06172017

The race was very small and low-key – there were only 55 finishers.  I didn’t pace the race well but this time, I think I suffered from the conditions – about 75 degrees and 94% humidity at the start.  Still, I placed 2nd for women.

After the race, I ran across the Roosevelt Bridge into Washington, D.C. – something else I hadn’t done before!

View from the Roosevelt Bridge - 06172017

View from the Roosevelt Bridge – 06172017

I would do another ParkRun.  But next time, I’ll get up earlier.

Time=24:37.  Overall pace=7:54-8:10 (I think the course was short). 


Injuries.  Starting Friday’s run, I had a momentary panic – Did I forget my chiropractic appointment?!  The treatments became such a part of my routine that it felt weird not going.  My left piriformis, the side that causes me problems, was calm this week.  On some runs, both hips ached a little.

Weight. I hit my weight goal for the week by over a pound!  I suspect some of the loss was water since it’s been so hot this week, but it’s definitely trending down.


This was the first thoroughly hot and humid week of the summer.  For most of my morning runs, the temperature was 70 degrees and muggy.  Today, the humidity was over 90%!

Racing Schedule

Future races.  As a result of a podcast I listened to this week, I found myself visiting ultramarathon race calendars.  Don’t worry – I haven’t registered for anything yet…

Next race: Fletcher’s Cove Park Run on Saturday, June 24, 2017 (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

What does your mileage look like heading into marathon training?

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