Training Supplement – October 12, 2016

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I started my New York City Marathon race gear preparations in earnest.  I searched for a race day singlet and ordered my gels.  I passed on trying the Mizuno Rave Rider 20s, though.  On Columbus Day, I watched a documentary on the Barkley Marathons, listened to a podcast about resilience, and welcomed fall by wearing a long-sleeve shirt.

Clothing & Gear

Shoes.  The Mizuno Wave Rider 20 came out this week!  I thought about buying a pair for the New York City Marathon but then thought better of it.  Best not to change anything this late in the game.  Luckily, the colors were unappealing so I wasn’t really tempted.

Tops.  I wasn’t 100% happy with my singlet options for the marathon, so I ordered two tops the Saucony Racer Back Tank and the Saucony Endorphin Singlet.  I chose them mostly because I plan on wearing the Saucony Impulse Shorts for the race and want my brands to match.  They arrived today.  Both seem to fit but, of course, the true test will be running in them.

Saucony Daybreak Long Sleeve

Saucony Daybreak Long Sleeve

Saucony Daybreak Long Sleeve.  I bought this long-sleeve top in the spring but temperatures turned too warm to wear it.  On the first day I thought it was time to break out the warmer tops, I pulled this one out.

In general, it’s a very comfortable, super light-weight shirt.  The fabric is very stretchy and allows for a lot of movement.  But, it’s also very thin, which I think makes it too light for deep fall or winter running.

(My Complete Clothes & Gear Page.)

Nutrition & Hydration

October 2016 Stridebox

October 2016 Stridebox

Electrolytes. In addition to apparel purchases, I ordered a box of Crank Sports e-Gel  (Juicy Watermelon) for the New York City Marathon.  I struggled with GI issues this summer and wanted something I knew my stomach would tolerate.


Water Fountains.  Fall arrived and that meant one of the water fountains on the Custis Trail (at North Nelson) had been turned off in advance of colder temperatures.

Media & Motivation

Music. “I Will Wait,” by Mumford and Sons.  This song came on when I was pumping myself up during last week’s medium run

(My “Songs of the Week” playlist on Spotify.)

Television. Barkley Marathons,” This was a very entertaining documentary.  I had only heard of this race recently and was curious to learn more.  It’s still hard to fathom that only 10 people had finished in 25 years.  I’m not an outdoorsy person at all and have only run one trail race but something about this type of challenge really interests me.

Podcasts. “The Healing Power of Running,” Runner’s World Show.  I don’t usually read Kristin Armstrong’s column in the magazine.  I’ve trouble relating to her since it seemed as though running was a way she was dealing with her divorce while for me, it’s about challenging myself.  But, through this podcast, I realized she’s been trying to convey how running builds resilience.

Motivation. “Push yourself again and again. Don’t give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.” – Larry Bird.

Despite physical soreness from running harder these past few weeks and mental disappointment in how this training cycle has turned out, I pushed myself to run even faster on every workout.


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2 Responses to Training Supplement – October 12, 2016

  1. Laura says:

    That Barkley marathon is seriously crazy! Another documentary I saw on Netflix was Desert Runners or something like that. About running 4 ultra marathons in some of the toughest areas of the world in a 1 year span. It’s really interesting.

    • JT Running DC says:

      Completely insane. I’d be out when I reached the briar patch. I’ll check out that other documentary if I can find it.

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