Summer 2017 Training – Week 5

2017 Summer - Week 5 Infographic

Another week, another race! I ran a 10K today. Earlier in the week, I did a tempo run on Tuesday and a medium run on Wednesday.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad week. I just felt a little off.  I enjoyed the signs of summer, though.

Training Schedule
June 4th – June 10th

Sunday: Maintenance Run. 10 miles.
Monday: Recovery Run. 8 miles.
Tuesday: Lactate Threshold Run. 8 miles w/4 miles @ 15K to half marathon pace.
Wednesday: Medium Run. 12 miles.
Thursday: Off.
Friday: Recovery Run. 4 miles.
Saturday: Lawyers Have Heart 10K.

Mileage Total: ~48 Miles

Notes. I increased my mileage a little bit this week and pretty much stuck to the schedule.

Goals. Run 48 miles for the week and lose 1 pound.  Outcome: Partial success!  I hit my mileage goal but my weight loss fell a little short.

Workout Details

Magnolia - 06042017

Magnolia – 06042017

Maintenance Run. 10 miles moderate [Log Details].

I was a little tired from running the Belmont Bay Belmont Stakes 5K the day before.

I tried taking the early miles easy even though my goal for this run was a “moderate” pace – maybe 8:20.  As I was running through Clarendon to the Custis Trail and feeling myself speed up, I reminded myself, “You’re not even half way through this run,” I stopped for water at the water fountain near Nelson Street.  By then, I was a little winded.  Less than a mile down the road, and after two steep climbs, I stopped for a bit.

I felt better when I restarted and ran steady until I stopped again for water at the W&OD Trail junction.

It was a good run, I was just a little tired.  I reminded myself that I’m trying to lose weight and it’s getting hotter.  I should probably expect my paces to be a bit slower.

Overall pace=8:42.

Lactate Threshold Run. 8 miles w/4 miles @ 15K to half marathon pace [Log Details].

I ran the Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon in 7:52 pace, so I had a good gauge for where this workout should fall.  But, I still had some doubts about completing this workout.  I set the pace range for 7:40-8:00 pace and headed out to the Mount Vernon Trail.

During the first mile, my pace was in the low 7:50s.  After getting that indicator, I swiped my Garmin to overall pace and just tried to keep the pace steady.  I turned around at the mid-point and my Garmin vibrated because my pace was in the slow range.  I sped up until it stopped.  I swiped back to lap pace and saw I was in the mid 7:50s.  I knew I would slow down on the National Airport overpass.  But surprisingly, it only dropped 6 seconds/mile.  I stopped for water with 0.15 miles to go in the segment.  I didn’t want to run past it and double-back.  I took the cool-down home very slow.

Lactate threshold pace=7:59.  Overall pace=8:47.

Medium Run. 12 miles [Log Details].

My goal for this workout was to switch the post-run narrative from, “I felt great going out the door and faded at the end”, to something more like, “I started easy and finished strong.”

I had a good first mile.  As I waited to cross Route 50, there was another runner with me.  My neighborhood has been “revitalizing” over the years and moments like these strike me as odd.  When I moved here, I hardly ever saw another runner.

I kept the pace slow and easy until I reached the flatter sections of the Custis Trail.  I started a gel that I hadn’t tried before at the mid-way point.  It was very sugary and I felt jittery for the next mile.  I reached the point where I wanted to run a little faster, but…  I didn’t have it in me.  I dropped the pace to around 9:00, but I was hoping for faster.

I was a little disappointed with how the run went, but I kept in mind that I’m running on a calorie deficit these days, so I shouldn’t expect fast times.

Overall pace=9:23.

Lawyers Have Heart 10K [Log Details].

My time was 45:45 (7:30 pace).  It was my fourth race in four weeks.  It was the best weather for this race that I could remember – high 60s at the start.  I parked in Arlington and fretted over getting a ticket.

Duck Walking in Georgetown - 06102017

Duck Walking in Georgetown – 06102017

I felt pretty good during the race.  I tried bucking the recent trend of going out too hard by running negative splits.  I got off track in the middle miles but in the end, my splits were pretty even.  I made it back to my car and didn’t have a ticket!

Time=46:43.  Overall pace=7:30.  Split paces=7:41, 7:27, 7:22, 7:41, 7:35, 7:35, 1:26 (7:13 pace). 


Injuries. My piriformis was a little irritated during Wednesday’s medium run and at today’s race.  It’s frustrating how just when I think it’s gone it flares up.  But, it’s definitely not the sharp pain that it’s been in the past.

Weight.  I ended the week at the same weight that I started it.  But, I still think my weight loss is progressing nicely.  And, I realized this week that I shouldn’t expect great running results when I’m in a calorie deficit.


I started to feel the effects of the summer during my runs this week.  The air temperature hovered in the mid-60s, which was nice, but the humidity was in the 70-80% range in the morning hours.  I finished my workouts completely drenched in sweat.

Neighborhood Splash Fountain - 06092017

Neighborhood Splash Fountain – 06092017

Racing Schedule

Next race: Fletcher’s Cove Park Run on Saturday, June 17, 2017 (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

Are signs of summer popping up in your area?

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