2018 San Diego 50 Miler – Week 2

2018 San Diego 50 Infographic - Week 2

The week started with a distressing medium run on a very technical trail.  But, I rebounded and ran a strong interval workout and general aerobic run during the week.  I completed my longest run ever – 28 miles – on Saturday!

Training Schedule
November 26th – December 2nd

Sunday: Medium-long Run. 14 miles.
Monday: Easy Run. 5 miles + Core Strength Exercises.
Tuesday: VO2Max Run. 9 miles w/7 x 5 min. @ half marathon pace w/1 min. recovery.
Wednesday: General Aerobic Run. 8-11 miles.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: Easy Run. 6 miles + Core Strength Exercises.
Saturday: Long Run. 25-28 miles.

Mileage Total: ~67-73 Miles

Notes.  I followed the schedule except for the core exercises.  And, I ran an extra mile on Wednesday.

Workout Details

Medium-long Run. 14 miles [Log Details].

When I thought about running on trails, I wanted to check out the Potomac Heritage Trail since I pass it so frequently.  About a mile in, I realized this was more of a hiking trail.  I had to walk during certain sections due to rocks and downed trees.  But, the scenery was beautiful!

Georgetown View from Potomac Heritage Trail - 11262017

Georgetown View from Potomac Heritage Trail – 11262017

At Chain Bridge, I lost the trail completely and had to scramble up a hill to the road!  I crossed the Chain Bridge into Washington, D.C. and the terrain was much easier.  I went north for about two miles, stopped for a snack, turned on a podcast and headed south to Georgetown.   I crossed the Key Bridge back into Virginia and ran back to my car.  I was tired – 39 miles in two days!  But, I didn’t feel completely terrible.

Overall pace=10:45.

Birds - 11282017

Birds – 11282017

VO2Max Run. 9 miles w/7 x 5 min. @ half marathon pace w/1 min. recovery [Log Details].

According to the VDOT tables in Daniels’ Running Formula, my time from the 2017 New York City Marathon correlates to 7:40 for half marathon pace, so that was my goal.

The first three repetitions felt great.  I actually felt a little pep in my step despite running 39 miles this past weekend.  I took a long break after the third repetition to take a picture of a beautiful bird in a ditch near the Washington Marina.  The fourth repetition was a little fast due to the extra rest but overall, it’s hard to imagine pacing this workout better.

Splits=7:36, 7:32, 7:39, 7:23, 7:43, 7:38, 7:35.  Average=7:36.

General Aerobic Run. 8-11 miles [Log Details].

I did this workout as a commute to work.  I felt great from the start and when I didn’t feel the desire to slow down after a few miles, thought I should try to maintain the pace.  Plus, I knew I had a rest day coming up and it emboldened me to run harder.  I live 7 miles from my workplace, so I ran south to Alexandria, Virginia and then headed north to Washington, D.C. for a 12 mile circuit.  I was a bit winded at the half-way point, so I took a break and drank a lot of water.  It helped me finish the run under 8:00 pace!

Overall pace=7:56.

Long Run. 25-28 miles [Log Details, Part 1 and Part 2].

From home, I ran north to the Custis Trail.  Physically, I felt great.  Mentally, I wanted a lazy Saturday on the couch!  I started a Luna bar 3 miles into the run and took my first break after 5 miles – roughly the first aid station for my goal race.  “If I plan properly, I won’t need to stop this soon on race day,” I thought.  After completing a taxing stretch on Military Road, I crossed the Chain Bridge into Washington, D.C.  My second stop was for 2 minutes at Fletcher’s Boathouse.  I took my longest break at the Martin Luther King Memorial.  I went to the bathroom and planned to refill my Camelbak but the fountains were turned off!  I started conserving water and ate some fig bars on my way to Hains Point.  I hit a rough patch and slowed down.

National Airport View from Hains Point - 12022017

National Airport View from Hains Point – 12022017

I crossed the 14th Street Bridge back into Virginia.  I started a gel during my next break at Mile 20.  At National Airport, I stopped to drink water at the fountain and refill my Camelbak.  I could tell I was getting dehydrated.  I took my last break just short of Mile 25.  My Garmin showed “Low Battery” so I saved my workout to avoid losing the file.  I hit another rough patch a mile later.  I felt so light-headed that I considered calling it a day.  I took two Salt Stick Caps Fastchews and felt better almost immediately!

Lesson learned:

  • Take salt tablets with me.

Overall pace=10:16.


Injuries. My left foot still hurt in the morning but generally, I felt great until Saturday’s long run.  Everything hurt after that run!

Sleep. I changed the chart in my infographic to reflect sleep instead of weight since I think it’s more indicative of how I’m doing.  I didn’t take melatonin at all this week and only woke up in the middle of the night once.


It was 50 degrees and windy on Sunday.  Temperatures turned colder for the rest of the week – 40 degree mornings – but the winds subsided.  The afternoon high was in the 50s for my long run on Saturday.

Racing Schedule

Future races.  The lottery for the 2018 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler opened this week.  I ran a seeded runner qualifying time in last year’s race and can wait until February to register.

Next race: 2017 Fairfax Four Miler on Sunday, December 31st. (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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