2017 New York City Marathon – Week 5

2017 NYCM Infographic - Week 5

I ran 78 miles that included a two-a-day, threshold run, two medium runs, and a long run with some miles at marathon race pace!  And, I didn’t sleep well this week so it was rough at times.  But, I did it!  And, in the process, I convinced myself that I can run harder than I have been.

Training Schedule
July 30th – August 5th

Sunday: Recovery Run. 6 miles (AM) + Recovery Run. 4 miles (PM).
Monday: Lactate Threshold Run. 10 miles w/4 miles @ 15K to half marathon race pace.
Tuesday: Medium-long Run. 15 miles.
Wednesday: Recovery Run. 6 miles.
Thursday: Medium-long Run. 13 miles.
Friday: Recovery Run. 6 miles.
Saturday: Marathon-pace Run. 18 miles w/10 miles @ marathon race pace.

Mileage Total: ~78 Miles

Notes. While I didn’t write about it below since I don’t count recovery runs as workouts, I ran my first double this week.  I ran them very easy and explored my neighborhood.

Farmers Market - 07302017

Farmers Market – 07302017

Goal.  Complete this week’s mileage.  Outcome: Success!  I didn’t quite hit my paces but I got the miles in.

Workout Details

Lactate Threshold Run. 10 miles w/4 miles @ 15K to half marathon race pace [Log Details].

Based on my last threshold run, I knew I had lost confidence in my speed.  After a warm-up to the Mount Vernon Trail, I rested for just a minute.  I took a deep breath, told myself, “You can do this!”, and then headed south from the airport for an out-and-back.  I stayed around 8:00 pace for the first two miles.  The terrain was a bit uphill on the way back but I wasn’t fading.  In fact, I was going faster!  I was breathing hard by the end but I wasn’t exhausted.  I definitely felt more confident in my ability to run hard after this workout.

Splits=8:00, 7:54, 7:49, 7:35.  4 miles @ 15K to half marathon pace segment=7:50 pace.

Medium-long Run. 15 miles [Log Details].

I felt terrible during the first few miles of this run.  I was running 9:45 pace and it felt like a struggle.  I thought, “This run was going to be disappointing, so I might as well take some pictures.”

Gravelly Point - 08012017

Gravelly Point – 08012017

Merchant Marine Memorial - 08012017

Merchant Marine Memorial – 08012017

During one stop, I noticed I forgot to stop my watch.  Perfect.  When I restarted, I noticed my Garmin was frozen.  Even better!  A mile or so down the road, I was running a little better.  At Roosevelt Island, I reset my watch and ran with a better attitude.  Maybe this run could be salvaged.  On the W&OD Trail, I was running great!  I told myself, “You have to stop telling yourself what you can’t do.”  I was physically and emotionally exhausted after the run but so proud about how I finished it.

Overall pace=9:05.

Medium-long Run. 13 miles [Log Details].

I felt pretty good out the door and had a lot more confidence in my ability to run well.  The first two miles of the course I chose was uphill to the Custis Trail.  I started running slightly harder – around 8:20 pace when I got there.  I stopped for water near Roosevelt Island and mentally prepared to run closer to marathon pace.  I started feeling tired around Humpback Bridge but I kept the pace up.   I actually overtook a biker on an uphill!  In Crystal City, I stopped at the water fountain even though I suspected it was still broken and drank from my handheld.  I ran hard for the final half mile or so, and then ran a fairly slow cool-down.

Overall pace=8:32.

Marathon-pace Run. 18 miles w/10 miles @ marathon race pace [Log Details].

Marathon training means getting out the door when you don’t want to.  And, I didn’t want to run today.  But, after having coffee and oatmeal (something I haven’t had pre-run before), I headed out the door.  Since I felt so terrible, I ran very easy.  I didn’t program my Garmin right and I ended the warm-up earlier than expected.  At the water fountain on the Custis Trail at Nelson Street, I drank and ate a Crank Sport e-Gel and started my 2016 New York City Marathon playlist starting with “Empire State of Mind.”  I still felt awful, but I said to myself, “You’re out here already.  You can either be miserable, or try to crush this workout.”  The last two miles were into the wind, which was gusting around 25 mph.  I ran as hard as I could put my pace was fading.  I ran very slow into the wind and uphill during the cool-down.  My feet were killing me!  I couldn’t be happier with how I ran today.

Marathon-pace segment=8:12.  Overall pace=8:51.


Sleep.  It was a terrible week for sleep.  I stayed up late working on Sunday night and it was all downhill from there.  By Tuesday night, I was wiped.  I slept from 9pm until 6am the next morning!  By Wednesday, I realized I can’t work late and train hard for a marathon.  I got a bit more sleep after that but couldn’t wait for the weekend to truly catch up on rest.

Injuries.  I haven’t seen my chiropractor since late June but my hip pain has mostly been fine.  It felt a little sore during my commute home on Thursday.  My feet were killing me during my long run today.  I’m afraid I might have plantar fasciitis.

Weight.  How am I running close to 80 miles a week and gaining weight?  Pizza.  I’ve been craving carbs so much this week that I’ve pizza for dinner twice and lunch once.


Last weekend’s rain led to morning temperatures in the mid-60s with low humidity on Sunday and Monday.  Then, conditions returned to normal and stayed in the mid-70 degree range with humidity around mid-80 percent.  It was windy today.

Racing Schedule

Future races.  I made my transportation and baggage selections for the 2017 New York City Marathon this week.  I’ll take a 5:30am ferry to Staten Island for the start of the race and get a poncho after finishing in Central Park.

Next race: 2017 Dulles Day on the Runway 10K Saturday, September 23rd. (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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