2017 New York City Marathon – Week 17

2017 NYCM Infographic - Week 17

One week until the 2017 New York City Marathon!  This week, the weather was near perfect for running.  I ran a fast long run on Sunday trying to finish in time to cheer for Marine Corps Marathon runners.  All of my workouts left me feeling confident about November 5th!

Training Schedule
October 22nd – October 28th

Sunday: Long Run. 17 miles.
Monday: Recovery Run. 6 miles.
Tuesday: General Aerobic Run + Speed. 8 miles w/8x100m strides.
Wednesday: Recovery Run. 6 miles.
Thursday: VO2Max Run. 9 miles w/3x1600m @ 5K race pace; jog 50 to 90% interval time between.
Friday: Recovery Run. 5 miles.
Saturday: General Aerobic Run + Speed.  7 miles w/8x100m strides.

Mileage Total: ~58 Miles

Notes.  I followed the schedule until Saturday.  The forecast showed rain on Sunday, so I decided to move my last distance run up a day.

Goal.  Get in a good last long run.  Outcome:  Success!  In fact, both distance runs this week were solid.

Workout Details

Long Run. 17 miles [Log Details].

My last long run of the training cycle!  I wanted to finish strong and early enough that I could cheer for 2017 Marine Corps Marathon runners at Mile 24.5 on the course.  I started the run heading uphill towards the Custis Trail.  When I got there, I pushed the pace until I was under 9:00.  Near Lee Highway, I got excited seeing race spectators gathering!  I kept looking for the front-runners but didn’t see them.  I thought it was strange but realized if the race was delayed, that gave me more time to make it to my spot.

It was a beautiful 56 degree day!  I stopped a few times to take pictures on the Mount Vernon Trail.

Monument View from MVT - 10222017

Monument View from MVT – 10222017

I started to run “hard” when I reached the Humpback Bridge.  I expected to fade two miles later on the Four Mile Run Trail but I felt fantastic through the end!  I finished the run at 9:40am, grabbed a few things from my house, and drove to Crystal City so I could cheer at Mile 24.5 of the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon.

Overall pace=8:22.

General Aerobic Run + Speed. 8 miles w/8x100m strides [Log Details].

This was a “general aerobic” run so I told myself, “Not easy, not hard.”  The course I ran started uphill and I focused on powering from my rear foot and getting good leg turnover.  I thought about the bridges on the New York City Marathon course.  “Hmm…  Maybe I should have done more specific hill work this training cycle.”  I reached the Custis Trail and finally ran a little downhill.  I stopped for water at the W&OD Trail and finally looked at my pace – 8:12 on hills!  I slowed down over the next three miles and my overall pace was 8:03 before I started the strides.  I tried to stretch out through my hips as much as I could for those.  I ran a home hard to complete the workout.

Overall pace=8:01.

VO2Max Run. 9 miles w/3x1600m @ 5K race pace; jog 50 to 90% interval time between [Log Details].

I started the intervals near National Airport on the Mount Vernon Trail.  I wouldn’t say I experienced a “runner’s high” but during the first repetition, it was as if my legs had a mind of their own.  I was shocked to see I finished under 7:00 pace.  The second repetition was partially on the MVT and half on the Four Mile Run Trail.  By then, I was running into the wind.  But, I pushed hard thinking, “It could be windy on race day.”  The final repetition was slower than the others but I chalked it up to the terrain and elements.

My hips were incredibly sore throughout the day.  I guess it was from over-striding during this workout.

1600m splits=6:48, 6:59, 7:17.  Overall average=7:01.

Medium-long Run. 13 miles [Log Details].

The forecast for Sunday didn’t show rain.  It called for a “downpour”.  So, I moved up my final distance run up a day.  It was a lovely morning – crisp and sunny.  I wondered if I should start checking the weather for race day.

I felt absolutely terrible during the first few miles through Crystal City to the Mount Vernon Trail.  My felt so heavy!  I chalked it up to tapering.  I stopped in Gravelly Point for pictures.

Monument View from Gravelly - 10282017

Monument View from Gravelly – 10282017

I ran well heading north towards the Custis Trail.  On the long uphill, I ran hard so I could get a sense for what I could run the Queensboro Bridge.  I managed 8:45 pace.  I thought, “That’s a minute off of goal pace.”  I ran around that range for the rest of the rolling hills.  For the first time in a long while, I ran past the water fountain at Nelson Street and left the trail at Quincy Street.  I ran fast through Ballston on my way home.

Overall pace=8:21.


Injuries. Physically, I felt great!  Until Thursday.  The interval workout irritated my piriformis.  It made sense – I was really striding out and they were working more than usual.  The pain continued for the rest of the week.  I thought about using my TENS unit after my run on Saturday but held off.

Weight. My weight was around 125 pounds for most of the week.  Out of laziness, I ate fast food on Thursday night and saw the result on Friday.

Sleep.  Now that I’m tapering, I got to sleep in a little in the mornings.  But, I went to bed pretty late most nights so I was still only getting 6 or 7 hours of sleep.


Fall finally took hold over the region.  Morning temperatures were 45 to 65 degrees in the morning each day.  The wind picked up on Thursday and there were some sprinkles.  On Saturday, it was a lovely 56 degrees for my last distance run but a little gusty at times.

Recovery Run Selfie - 10272017

Recovery Run Selfie – 10272017

Racing Schedule

Runner rankingsPotomac River Running – Regional Runner Rankings – Summer 2017.  I didn’t make the age group rankings even though I ran a lot this summer.  My guess is that I didn’t run particularly fast.

Next race: 2017 New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5th. (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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  1. A fine end a great block of training. I hope your hard work bears fruit with a pleasing result and that you enjoy another fantastic experience in New York City. Good luck JT!

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