2017 New York City Marathon – Week 15

2017 NYCM Infographic - Week 15

It was my final hard training week before tapering for the 2017 New York City Marathon.  The Army Ten Miler was disappointing due to the heat.  I didn’t plan for the 2017 Bourbon Chase very well and accidentally ran 93 miles for the week!

Training Schedule
October 8th – October 14th

Sunday: 2017 Army Ten Miler.
Monday: Long Run. 18 miles.
Tuesday: Recovery Run. 6 miles.
Wednesday: VO2Max Run. 12 miles w/6x1200m @ 5K race pace; jog 50 to 90% interval time between.
Thursday: Recovery Run. 6 miles.
Friday: 2017 Bourbon Chase. Leg 10 (7.2 miles) and Leg 11 (8.6 miles).
Saturday: 2017 Bourbon Chase. Leg 22 (5.4 miles), Leg 23 (4.3 miles) / Leg 34 (6.7 miles), and Leg 35 (4 miles).

Mileage Total: ~88 Miles

Notes.  I messed up my schedule.  I didn’t reconciled my online training plan to accommodate the 2017 Bourbon Chase.  As a result, I ran a mid-week medium-long run the day before the event!

Goal.  Get in a good long before the Bourbon Chase.  Outcome: Success!

Workout Details

Army Ten Miler. 10 miles @ 10 mile race pace [Race Report].

2017 Army Ten Miler - Finish Line

2017 Army Ten Miler – Finish Line

The weather on race day was miserable – 76 degrees, a dew point of 74, and 94% humidity! I stayed with my plan to start the race just under 8:00 pace but gave up on it mid-way through. I finished in 1:22:20 (8:14 pace). Due to the heat, the race was rerouted after two hours.

Overall pace=8:14.

Long Run. 18 miles [Log Details].

Thanks to the Columbus Day Holiday, I was able to do my long run on a Monday.  I knew it might be my last long run of this training cycle, so I wanted it to be a good one.  I headed out into a light rain.  I did the Arlington Triangle counter-clockwise.

During the first 5 miles, there was a pretty noticeable cross-wind but when I reached the Mount Vernon Trail, the wind was at my back.  During a water fountain stop near National Airport, I looked into my handheld and saw threads of mold!  I thought I’d cleaned it out well before the run but clearly, I hadn’t.

I hit the mid-way point at the scenic overlook of the Lincoln Memorial from the Mount Vernon Trail.  I stopped to eat a gel and enjoy the view.

Scenic Mount Vernon Trail View - 10092017

Scenic Mount Vernon Trail View – 10092017

I made frequent stops on the Custis and W&OD trails.  It was so muggy and I just needed to catch my breath.  Still, I managed to finish the run before the sun came out.

Overall pace=9:13.

VO2Max Run. 12 miles w/6x1200m @ 5K race pace; jog 50 to 90% interval time between [Log Details].

Recently, I ran a 10K in 7:14 pace.  But the weather was cooler and I thought I should aim for 7:00 to 7:25 pace.  The warm-up went well.  The first few repetitions were fine.  I ran through the big field of bugs on Four Mile Run, though.  The repetitions felt easy until the final split.  My legs just wouldn’t turn over any faster.  I thought it was a good workout, though.

1200m splits=7:15, 7:18, 7:10, 7:24, 7:47.  Average pace=7:23.

Medium-long Run. 15 miles [Log Details].

It was sprinkling rain when I got ready for my run.  For some reason, I decide not to carry water or a gel with me.  I wanted this to be a easy effort run, so I just tried to enjoy being outdoors.  The run was pretty uneventful until I felt a slight pull in my lower hamstring about 10 mile into the run.  I stopped and stretched it a little.  It fired a few times over the next mile but then went away.  It was such a relaxing run that I didn’t look at my watch until the end.

Overall paces=9:01.

Bourbon Chase. Leg 10 (7.2 miles) and Leg 11 (8.6 miles) [Log Details].

Full race report to come!


2017 Bourbon Chase - Makers Mark 1

2017 Bourbon Chase – Makers Mark 1

I started my leg at around 5:11pm. I was thankful that the sun would be setting. The views were fantastic. Acres of grasslands with horses and cows grazing. The highway was busy but the should was fine. The rumble strips were annoying in parts. I drank Gatorade every 15 minutes to stay hydrated and keep my electrolytes up.

Overall pace=8:29.

Bourbon Chase. Partial Leg 22 (5.4 miles)/Leg 23 (4.3 miles) [Log Details].

Our van got lost and I only ended up running 2 miles of Leg 22.  I started the run at 4:49am and ran the miles hard!  Channeling my track and field days, I treated my flashlight like a baton and kept my pace rhythmic.  The finish to Four Roses distillery was uphill.  As I was climbing it, I heard my name.  A few steps later, I saw Runner 12!  I slowed and took some of her stuff as we jogged to the exchange together.

Overall pace=7:56.

Bourbon Chase. Leg 34 (6.7 miles)/Leg 35 (4 miles) [Log Details].

2017 Bourbon Chase - Exchange 32

2017 Bourbon Chase – Exchange 32


My last two legs were at 3:55pm and the temperature was over 80 degrees.  I broke the rules and listened to music to take my mind off the misery.  I drank Gatorade until the exchange when I lot water from Runner 12.  The last four miles were mostly uphill.  I was so happy to hand off the bracelet at my final exchange.

Overall pace=8:38.


Sleep.  I slept well early in the week.  During the Bourbon Chase, I got about two hours of sleep on Friday night and another two on Saturday morning.

Injuries. I had a new pain during my medium run on Wednesday.  My lower hamstring behind my right knee felt strained.  Luckily, it disappeared after the run.

Weight.  My weight dipping a little due to skipped meals.  After my 18 miler on Monday, I didn’t eat until later that evening as I waited for a plumber to show up.  I also missed lunch a couple of days trying to finish work before leaving town.


Record-breaking heat for the Army Ten Miler on Sunday led to the race being rerouted.  The temperature dipped into the mid-60s on Thursday and the light rain made it feel cooler.  During The Bourbon Chase, I ran in 70 degree weather on Friday evening, lower 50s overnight, and 80 degrees on Saturday afternoon.

Racing Schedule

Future races.  I registered for the San Diego 50 Mile & Trail Marathon!  

Next race: 2017 New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5th. (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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