2017 New York City Marathon – Week 10

2017 NYCM - Week 10 InfographicTechnically, it was a cut-back week because my mileage was lower.  But, there were still five workouts in the schedule.  I had a good interval workout – the first of this training cycle – on Tuesday but felt terrible after today’s long run.

Training Schedule
September 3rd – September 9th

Sunday: Recovery Run. 6 miles (AM) + Recovery Run. 4 miles (PM).
Monday: General Aerobic Run. 9 miles.
Tuesday: VO2Max Run. 9 miles w/6x800m @ 5K race pace; jog 50 to 90% interval time between.
Wednesday: Recovery Run. 7 miles.
Thursday: Medium-long Run. 11 miles (AM) + Recovery Run. 4 miles (PM).
Friday: General Aerobic Run + Speed.  8 miles w/10x100m strides.
Saturday: Long Run. 16 miles.

Mileage Total: ~74 Miles

Notes.  I entered Friday’s workout incorrectly in my online training plan.  I ran it as an easy run.  Otherwise, I followed the schedule.

Goal.  Run 7:10 pace for the 6x800m workout.  Outcome: Success!  I averaged 7:01 pace for the six repetitions.  The slowest was 7:07 pace.

Workout Details

General Aerobic Run. 9 miles [Log Details].

I was a bit discombobulated at the start of the run.  I thought I hadn’t started my Garmin and hit the Start button about a half mile into the run.  A while later, I realized the watch was stopped, so I hit Start again.  Grrr!  I noticed there was a lot more traffic now that people were heading back to work and school after the Labor Day weekend.  I tried to run hard but cautious as I made my way through the streets of Arlington.  I felt a little tired four miles into the run but managed to finish the run strong.

Overall pace=8:35.

VO2Max Run. 9 miles w/6x800m @ 5K race pace; jog 50 to 90% interval time between  [Log Details].

Overall, it wasn’t much slower than this winter’s workout at about the same stage out from the 2017 Eugene Marathon.

My fastest 5K from this past summer was the 2017 Belmont Bay Belmont Stakes 5K.  I thought sub-7:10 pace would be a good goal for the 800s.  I ran them on Four Mile Run Trail, which is flat.  After a 3 mile warm-up, I started the intervals.  Since this was my first interval workout of this training cycle, I took 3-minute rest breaks.  I wasn’t completely gassed, though, so I jogged a little during them.  After the fourth repetition, I rested a little less.

800m interval paces=3:30 (6:59), 3:31 (7:01), 3:27 (6:53), 3:30 (6:59), 3:32 (7:03), 3:34 (7:07).  Average=3:31 (7:01).

Medium-long Run. 11 miles (AM) [Log Details] + Recovery Run. 4 miles (PM) [Log Details].

After an easy warm-up, I tried to run sub-8:40 pace for the middle miles.  They were a little fast, but mostly because they were run on the long downhill from Clarendon to the Mount Vernon Trail.  For the later miles, I tried to run closer to 8:20 pace.  It felt hard but something I could maintain.  At one point, though, I checked my watch and I was running 7:44 pace!  I slowed down considerably when I reached the pedestrian overpass near the airport.  I kept the effort “hard”, though, even if my pace slowed.

I had a recovery run later that afternoon.  It was faster than usual but I tend to run better in the afternoon.

Washington Monument - 09072017

Washington Monument – 09072017

There were women using the shower after the run.  Since I was rushed for time, I used some Nathan sports wipes to freshen up.

Overall pace=8:35 and 8:52.

General Aerobic Run + Speed.  8 miles w/10x100m strides [Log Details].

I woke up late and didn’t have enough time to fit in a run, so I decided to run-commute.  I didn’t look at the workout before I felt home but I checked my online training plan at a stop light to confirm it was a recovery run.  It was a beautiful morning for a run through Georgetown and The National Mall.  I felt great but reigned in the pace for this easy run.

World War II Memorial - 09082017

World War II Memorial – 09082017

I ran the strides after I passed the National Air & Space Museum.

When I arrived at work, there was someone in the shower again so it was another sports wipe day.

Overall pace=8:54.

Long Run. 16 miles [Log Details].

I was tired when I woke up and got a late start.  The weather was on the pleasant side but it was sunny.  After two easy miles, I tried pushing the pace to sub-8:40.  It was a real struggle, but I got there.  There was a slight wind from the north and I dreaded going across the 14th Street Bridge.

14th Street Bridge View - 09092017

14th Street Bridge View – 09092017

There were a lot more people on the trails than usual and I had to dodge quite a few aggressive cyclist and inattentive pedestrians.  Hains Point wasn’t terrible but by then, I started to feel the pace was just too hard.  I really pushed to do the next 5 miles at sub-8:20 pace.  I was happy with the effort but felt light-headed during the cool-down miles.  Hours after the run, I still had a headache and my stomach was upset.  I realized I ran way too hard during this run.

Overall pace=8:44.


Injuries. I can’t say anything “hurts” on a regular basis, but my hips and left foot have been a little achy.

Sleep.  The Labor Day holiday and end of Game of Thrones meant I slept well on Sunday and Monday nights.  But, I stayed up late watching the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament the rest of the week.

Awake Stone - 09032017

Awake Stone – 09032017

Weight.  I made fewer lunch-time trips to the taco shop this week and ate more salads instead, so my weight nudged down just a tad.


It started to feel like autumn this week.  Morning temperatures in the mid-60s to start the week.  There was a slight breeze for my interval workout on Tuesday and the air was wet from overnight rain during my recovery run on Wednesday.  By Thursday, the temperatures dipped down to the upper 50s!

Racing Schedule

Future races.  I’m thinking of running an ultra-marathon this winter.  It would be my first!  I’ve been doing some research and am looking at the San Diego 50 and Trail Marathon in January.

Next race: Next race2017 Dulles Day on the Runway 10K on Saturday, September 23rd. (My Complete Racing Schedule.)

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